Pom Pom 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Pom Pom Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Pom Pom Goldfish have been selectively bred to have elongated nasal septa which resemble a fleshy pom pom. This variety of goldfish has been around since the end of the 19th century.

Pearscale 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Pearlscale Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Pearlscales have large rounded bodies, double tails and vairable color like other fancy varieties, but if you look closely, its unique scales have raised centers. These compact little fish look like they're lined with rows of pearls!

Ryukin red,red/white 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Ryukin Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Ryukins are the Japanese version of a fantail goldfish, Ther have a high curve to their backs, a rounded shape, and a long, wide double tail. These fish come in many colors. Assorted Ryukins are picker's choice, but some specific colors are available periodically.

Lionhead red,red/black 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Lionhead Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Lionheads have been selectively bred to exhibit some unique traits. The body is heavy and rounded with an arched back and no dorsal fin. The head and face develop a fleshy "mane", hence their name!

Moor red,blue,black,calico,red/black,red/white 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Telescope Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Moors(Telescopes) have large, bulbous eyes lending to them an almost cartoon-like appearance. They have variable color, slender bodies, and a double tail.

Bubble eye tricolor,red/white,calico,red/black,red 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Bubble Eye Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Bubble Eye Goldfish have the slender body and double tail of the telescope and the up-turned gaze of the celestial eye, but their unique trait is a large translucent bubble beneath each eye. These delicate, water filled sacs can make mobility difficult, so try to minimize the flow in the tank and avoid equipment with strong intake.


Oranda blue,red,black,calico,red/white,red/black,chocolate 6-7cm

Carassius auratus "Oranda Goldfish"
Eli Goldfish Farm
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Orandas were developed as a fancy variety in 1590! These fish are immensely popular in the east and in the west. As they mature, these fish develop a fleshy hood-like head growth. They have rounded bodies, split, double tails, and they are available in several color varieties including red, red and white, blue, "Panda", calico, yellow, brown, white, and the ever popular red cap.

Oranda red cap & Celestial 6-7cm

Red Cap Oranda

Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Recommended Aquarium: 30+ Gallons
Approx. Adult Size: 8 to 10 inches
Temperament: Peaceful
Ease of Care: Easy
Diet: Omnivore
Native Waters: Eli Goldfish Farm

The Red Cap Oranda is white with a bright orange "beret." Hand-selected for unique coloration and overall superior health, these exotic goldfish are tended to by the PetSolutions husbandry staff following their importation. Hardy and long-lived, they can survive cooler temperatures. Extended periods below 15ÂșC or above 25ÂșC may not be tolerated well. Because they need some vegetable matter, they may cause damage to finer-leaved plants, but typically do no damage to thicker, hardy bog plants. While flake food will suffice for these fish, many aquatic professionals recommend a good-quality pellet food of no more than 30% protein to help keep these premium specimens in ideal health. 

black/golden Butterfly

a pair of panda champion